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Beowolf Productions review of "Dethrone The Crown"

"DETHRONE THE CROWN" is the newest release from Toronto, Canada's LAUGH AT THE FAKES. This is the full length follow up to their 2011 EP release "ONE NIGHT ONLY". The band has been playing together since 2010 and have really created a sound for themselves. I think I was expecting a straight forward Metalcore band, but these guys are in no way that. They are a Metal band through and through, but have a very unique sound to them. They take classic and traditional Heavy Metal music and rev it up a few notches. They have a very hard and aggressive style of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal that was huge in the 80's, then they douse it with some grooved out Thrash Metal and give it some flavouring of Progressive Metal all through out. I was quite surprised by their sound, but also very pleased. At times they do have a bit of a Metalcore vibe, in the more aggressive and faster parts, but that's it. I was really digging these guys more and more the deeper I got into their release. The vocals at first took me back and I felt they didn't fit, but they quickly meshed well with the music. I ended up loving these guys by the end of the CD. If you were to take the best parts of IRON MAIDEN, HAVOK, SOUNDGARDEN, THE CONTORTIONIST, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, CYNIC, DIO & MASTADON, mixed them all together and the end result would be LAUGH AT THE FAKES! Definitely a band well worth checking out!

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