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Everett does an interview with AXS. Talks music and the new album.

Laugh at the Fakes

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Laugh at the Fakes formed in 2010 with the goal of combining elements of metal, hard rock, and prog to create an unmistakable sound. In 2011, the band gave listeners their first taste with its six-song EP titled One Night Only. Now Laugh at the Fakes are back with their debut full-length studio CD, Dethroning the Crown. Produced by Greg Dawson and mastered by Andy VanDette (whose credits range from Rush and Dream Theatre to Kid Rock and Deep Purple), Dethroning the Crown showcases the band in its most raw state—there are no filler riffs, only money riffs. Guitarist and vocalist Everett Mason took time off from a busy touring schedule to discuss the band’s formation, his lyrical approach, and some of the challenges of maintaining a hard-rocking metal band.

Tell me about your band’s name. What, if anything, does it have to do with your musical approach?

Everett Mason: “When I put this group together, my goal was to start an uncompromising rock band. I knew by naming the band ‘Laugh at the Fakes’ (LATF) that we would be vowing to stay true ourselves and to our fans. So yes, our band name and musical approach definitely go hand in hand.”

Tell me about your debut EP One Night Only, which was released in 2011. What can listeners expect to experience on this EP?

Everett Mason: “I think it’s a very raw, hard-hitting album. At the time, we had just put together the first lineup of LATF and we needed a recording to get gigs and spread the word about our band. We recorded the first five songs we had learned together, along with a solo acoustic song called ‘Laugh the Day Away.’ In typical LATF fashion, the songs vary between thrash metal and rock n’ roll. Three of the more metal songs are titled ‘Blinded,’ ‘Again and Again,’ and ‘Two Years Too Long.’ On the more rock side are ‘Little Angel’ and ‘Better than You.’”

Now, tell me about your debut full-length studio CD, Dethrone the Crown. How would you say the band has progressed from the EP? What can fans expect to experience on this outing?

Everett Mason: “When our first EP One Night Only came out, a lot of people said they wished it was longer. It might have been more of a request than a criticism. So rather than release another EP in each of the following years, we took our time to write a full album. Dethrone the Crown contains, in my opinion, our best nine songs. This was first time we did full preproduction before recording an album, so were able to put these songs through an extra screening process to see if we wanted to change anything before we recorded them for good. Galen Weir (bass player) brought some great ideas to the writing process and James (the drummer on the album) did a fantastic job of nailing his parts in the studio.”

What sorts of things inspire the lyrics to your songs? How would you say you sit down to compose lyrics? You do anything special?

Everett Mason: “I get inspired to write lyrics when I am angry or frustrated. For me, I find it to be the best release. Some of the songs on Dethrone the Crown touch on some of today's most newsworthy topics like war, guns, murder, and corruption. Other songs are about failed relationships and the feelings that get associated with that. Dethrone the Crown is not a concept album, so the songs are all over the map. ‘Cut to the Chase’ and ‘Not Like Me’ are rant songs. ‘Death Awaits,’ ‘Killing Time,’ ‘Dethrone the Crown,’ and ‘Fighting Dirty’ are about greed, violence and corruption. ‘Harmonica Playing Man’ is based on an old western.”

Any plans to come to the United States on tour? Any chance of coming to New Mexico?

Everett Mason: “We’d love to. If you book us we will come!”

I noticed that you have a studio drummer different that the live drummers that you use on tour. Any plans to solidify that position so that the drummer is, basically, a full-time member of Laugh at the Fakes?

Everett Mason: “I think bands often have to go through personal changes in their early stages to find the right mix of players to make a successful band. When you look at the amount of musicians other bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, or Megadeth had to go through before they found the right guys, it’s almost mind boggling. Chris (our drummer) has been great to work with, though. He’s an old friend of Galen and mine and he played in the first band we were in. Right now, he is booked to play a good amount of shows with us, so we are just enjoying the moment. He is a great drummer.”

What’s next for Laugh at the Fakes? Describe some of your long-term plans.

Everett Mason: “Our immediate and long-term plans are to tour like crazy and spread the word. We hope to make a music video in the next month or two for one of our new songs and then it’s time to hit the road.”


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